St Andrew's Chesterfield & Holymoorside Churches

picture of the refreshed logo of the United Reformed Church showing a solid cross with rough ends and the Ichthus fish

Two United Reformed Churches
in Chesterfield

St Andrew's on Newbold Road (left)
   Holymoorside on Cotton Mill Hill (right)

You are invited to join us for worship and at our many events during the week.

St Andrew's morning service is at 11.00am.
Holymoorside's morning service is at 9.30am.

Senior Schools' Art Exhibition at St Andrew's Church 7 and 8 October 2017

Senior Schools' Art Exhibition at St Andrew's Church  7 and 8 October 2017

Come along and witness the amazing talent of our local young people at the exhibition of their work at St Andrew's Church.

Chesterfield Senior Schools will be exhibiting in the Church, the Elizabeth Michael Room and in the Church Hall.

New Member for St Andrew's Church

We were delighted to welcome 1 new Member into the fellowship of St Andrew's Church at the Communion Service held on 3 September 2017.

Joint Walk by Rose Hill and St Andrew's United Reformed Churches

On Saturday Morning 9 September 2017, some Members of Rose Hill URC and St Andrew's URC undertook a joint walk together from Rose Hill Church in Chesterfield Town Centre to Holymoorside Church in Holymoorside Village.

ECO Church - Advice on using, storing and disposing of garden pesticides safely.

picture of yellow Forsythia flowers growing on a stem

Helpful hints on using, storing and disposing of garden pesticides from PSD - Pesticides Safety Directorate - an executive agency of Defra.

PSD supports and encourages efforts to reduce the environmental impact of pesticides in the UK.

Having in mind safety for people and the environment.......

Well Dressings in Holymoorside August 2017

Well Dressings in Holymoorside during August 2017.

Centenary Celebrations of the Ordination of the Reverend Constance Coltman

On Sunday, 17 September 2017, we will be celebrating women in the Church and the centenary of the ordination of the Revd. Constance Coltman, who was one of the first women to be ordained to the ministry in a mainstream British denomination.

Read more about Revd.Constance Coltman here.

86th Anniversary Celebrations at St Andrew's Church

Sunday 16 July 2017 is the 86th Anniversary of the founding of St Andrew's United Reformed Church in Chesterfield. The first service being held in Chesterfield's Market Hall.

Picture of the 86th Anniversary cake being cutGeorge Mather, grandfather of the lady in the photograph was a Founder Member of St Andrew's Church and was present at that first service.

ECO Church - Climate Change - A Letter from Tuvalu

A Letter from Tuvalu, Polynesia

by Tafue Molu Lusama, General Secretary of the Ekalasia Kelisiano Tuvalu (Tuvalu Christian Church).

Tuvalu is among the most vulnerable countries in the world to climate change and rises in sea level.

A Prayer for London Tower Fire

A Prayer is offered in response to the terrible fire in a London Tower Block.

The moderators of the United Reformed Church General Assembly, Kevin Watson and Alan Yates, offer a prayer following the Grenfell Tower fire disaster.

Access the Prayer here:

A Prayer on the URC National Website


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