St Andrew's Chesterfield & Holymoorside Churches



St Andrew's

urc lOGO

Two United Reformed Churches
in Chesterfield

St Andrew's on Newbold Road (left)
   Holymoorside on Cotton Mill Hill (right)

    You are invited to join us for worship and at our many events during the week

St Andrew's morning service is at 11.00am.   Holymoorside's morning service is at 9.30am.




16th October UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty


Our Minister's Blog joins many thousands blogging on 16th October in support of the campaign to eradicate poverty.  At St Andrew's, worship on Sunday 19th October will celebrate Commitment for Life, the URC's programme in support of the work of Christian Aid partners in Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Israel and the Occupied Territories and Central America and the work of the World Development Movement.   Three weeks ago, harvest gifts of dry and tinned goods were donated to the Chesterfield Food Bank, supporting local people experiencing severe poverty.

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